Sunday, 21 August 2011

Eric Lafforgue : Travel Photographer

Born in 1964, Eric Lafforgue lives in Toulouse, France. Ever since he was a young boy he has been fascinated by far away countries and travelling and produces content for television, radio, the music industry and travel photography as a freelance photographer and multimedia producer.

His career as a photographer began quite late in 2006. But his success has been startlingly rapid. Soon after first posting his pictures on the website Flikr he began to get professional commissions, and with in just a few years he has come to be regarded as one of the world’s best travel photographers. He is perhaps best known for his work on North Korea, Papua New Guinea, and the tribes of Ethiopia. In 2008, his work on the people of Papua was displayed at the prestigious VISA photojournalism festival in Perpignan.


28.jpg (700×466)

Photograph © Eric Lafforgue

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