Sunday, 31 July 2011

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Ѫ ᶀṓṹṭ Ắṟṭựᵷ

Artbug ֟ Is it a bug? Is it art? Is it catching? You bet it is ֟ This isn’t an exotic species we’re talking about ֟ It’s commoner than the common cold ֟ It’s deadlier than the Dead Sea ֟ It’s got you and you don’t even know it ֟ The question being, will you keep it alive? ֟ YIFP introduces Artbug, a club dedicated to the Arts and all those who love it with a bugging passion ֟ We invite YOU (Note: YIF ID card required ֟ KIDDING) to participate in all its events and contribute in every arty way you can ֟ So bring out those notebooks and crayons and musical instruments, bring out the reels and film, turn a graffiti or mime artist, but contribute you must ֟

May the bug be with you!

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Know your 'bug'menu:
          Articles: May include any written material (original or credited) related to Art. 
: For the photographer in all of you. Don’t overwhelm the blog please. Choose your shots wisely.
: To share your very own Bug Guru with us, whether a friend or an admired persona; talk about those who love art and spread the bug around.
: A fANTabulous Events page, for the stuff we’ve pulled off as a club, and done a darned good job of it if we say so ourselves. 
Random Bugwas
It’s random, it’s Artbugsy and it is awesome. It is your space and you use it any way you like. Bring in your scribbles, your whistles and your sense of fun. The only rule is that there are no rules.
Buglinks: Any website you wish to link us to.
Prof Bug: Any tutorials you’d like to share. We’re not looking for theses, anything instructive will do great.