Saturday, 24 September 2011

We Walk- A short film

We Walk is a short film based on a poem by writer, Brett Darling, which stumbles into the journey of a young girl desperate to leave the city in search of isolation and in turn, sleep.

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  1. Thanks a lot Jameson :-) This is beautiful.
    For all who wish to read the poem,

    “The room grew quiet and empty this morning.
    Drifted past traffic signals,
    turned in places with no road.
    The noise and air and city fell from your shoulders,
    the sun now breathing, look.
    There’s the roaring ship of being,
    the light broke out against the shore.
    Eyes like roses beaten petal red with seeing,
    the demolition of the moon.
    Past the buildings stripped to only gold
    and the hanging romance novels of the dead,
    hearing breaths unspoken
    in fields of silent telegraph poles.
    In the deep, the shallow and the rest,
    we walk.”