Saturday, 17 September 2011


Heming Ram Chelsea was an inquisitive man, who spent more time deliberating of what people would be like than actually understanding them. It was a game for him to match the person with their corresponding stereotype. He never believed in the progressive postmodern jive of multiple narratives, everything he said can be put into one box.

As he sipped his coffee at the poloros cafe he noticed a young man enter, neatly clad wearing a confident smile and swinging his arms vigourously. He must definitely be rich,unmarried and working as an under the table operator for a business thought Heming. To his dismay this young man walked towards him with his coffee and an expression that forced him to say " would you like to join?" In a gruffy voice he replied " That would be charming" charming... thought Heming that was not the reply he was hoping for, what with his foreboding beard,unkempt hair and his clutching onto a copy of 'A vindication of Natural Society' by Edmund Burke ( This was his toolbox of isolation). " My name is Rohington Jerum and you are ?" already uncomfortable he replied in a hesitant tone " Heming Ram." " Wonderful, I work right around the corner, I deal with antiques-I do not deal per say but I make the deals happen, what is it that you do apart from sipping coffee with burke?" not so impressed by his sly wit Hem replied " Well, I do a bit of a lot of things, I served in the army for a few years got bored of killing and decided to do something more appealing so I began to write and comment on the happenings of the world." " Tell me more" pleaded Rhington, annoyed by the request Hem began to narrate his undefined occupation " Well, I study a particular event from any time period and try and fit it in the current political context. Like a few weeks ago my piece on the Churchill, to be more specific in 1899 churchill was a journalist at the Boer War he was captured but he managed to escape but only this time Winnie was covering the war in Iraq and was captured by american G.Is... " Rohington looked amazed at this revelation " That is bloody brilliant! but how do you come up with these experiences as in how do you recreate them in your mind?"

Hem now knew he was going to be having more than just this cup of dark Kopi Luwak." Ro if I may, this recreation is possible because I believe in what I call specific reality, there is one reality which is the truth but multiple perceptions which are false. I undo all that crap of different understandings and just dig up the truth from my research." Shocked Ro now seemed offended by this concept " So how do you know if your truth is true? " In a squemish tone Hem retorted " Look kido, it is true because everyone else believes it is what happened. Its like this JFK is dead its true he is not an Elvis to be found in every corner. I only talk about JFK as dead I do not venture into how he died" interesting thought Ro. As another scheme under his belt Hem decided to unveil his favourite weopen a thought experiment- " Well Ro what if I maufactured reality, imagine you are walking on a bed of smooth beach sand towards a shapeless figure and it will take the shape that you want it to take. The trick is to find out the right spot to stop because if you get close enough it will become real" Ro raised his eyebrows and clenched his jaws as he arrived at an answer, he hastily replied " I would imagine the shape of a young maiden and I would go close enough till she was real"

Hem laughed as he was now sure that Ro was unmarried. " The only thing I gained from your comment is that you need to find a wife soon apart from that you did not get the point of the experiment. The shapeless form is the truth and its shape becomes finer as our perception chisels it and finally we dwell so deep into our perceptions that they become real. Its like this cup of coffee we both know its present in front of me which is true.I then take a sip and I realise that I do not like it much so I then tell everyone that the coffee here at Poloros is ghastly.In all of this the coffee being present in front of me is true the rest my friends is bollocks. I am just trying to strip away the truth from the fancy dressing of unreal perception in its basic form"

Unnerved by this interaction Rohington had his last sip of coffee and said " You know Hem in your world I do not know if this event is true as I am percieving it. your heady conversation has made me question whether I am here or in a parallel state, enjoy your coffee" Hem wore a sign of contentment as he could finally go back to sipping his charming dark coffee with Burke by his side.

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