Tuesday, 9 August 2011


In the tug of life, whenever pain has strived;

Whenever sadness became a way of life;

Whenever I lay all trampled and poured down outright, a lesson for self, came by.

Why do you fear what you fear my friend?

In this eternal silence echoes the chafe of those drifted winds;

It has come about a little for me, a little for you,

With a little sunshine, a little dew;

Barely bliss, often time’s blue,

Poised in our lives that gruellingly it ever shows through;

Then why do I go on to dirge on what has already swung?

But now I know;

For every moment has something new,

Something to cherish, for yes! It’s indeed true,

The clock of life is ticking; the wind of change is blowing;

You and I are flowing and we must keep going.

And no longer must it go on showing,

Wipe those smears, come off those claws;

For it isn’t where we must pause!

-Ahana Sood

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