Thursday, 4 August 2011

Survival kit for beginners- Basics of digital photography

What are the characteristics of a good photograph?

A good photograph will have appealing subject matter and display good technique in terms of proper exposure, effective focus, and strong composition. The viewer's response: "Very nice!". In addition to the elements of a good photograph, a very good photograph will have a pleasing combination of light, line, form and texture. The viewer's response: "Wow!". A great photograph will combine all of the elements of the good and the very good photographs with an emotional impact - the image will resonate with something deep within the viewer's core. The viewer's response: Silence.


This is just a basic survival kit for beginners in Photography. If you have a great interest to learn any art form, all you need is practice and experience.

Learn how to hold your camera right.

How to use manual mode on your digital SLR

What is ISO? (Read..)

What is 'Aperture'? (Read..)

How does 'Aperture' effect your photography?

What is 'Shutter Speed'? (Read..)

How does 'Shutter Speed' effect your photography?

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